Getting a Mortgage After Divorce from a Self-Employed Spouse

Divorcing spouses face unique challenges when trying to buy a new home.  And while getting a mortgage after divorce may seem difficult, it is possible.  However, one obstacle that could easily be overlooked is self-employed income of your former spouse.

Many people may think their ex-spouse’s self-employment income does not affect their ability to qualify for a mortgage.  After all,  the ex is not part of the new transaction, right?  It’s a little more complicated than that.

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Using Child Support Income to Buy a Home

Most people believe that child support income can be used to qualify for a mortgage to buy a home…no matter what.  This misunderstanding can lead you astray and be dangerous in a divorce.  You should consulting with a divorce lending professional prior to and during your divorce process.  Knowing the rules and advance preparation can help you avoid some costly mistakes.

Myth:  I can use all my child support income to qualify for a mortgage to buy a home.

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How to Separate Your Marital Debt in a Divorce

When going through a divorce, marital debt is split up.  The way you go about it could cause you trouble down the road.

Most often when couples are going through divorce, money is involved – both assets and debt.  The main money focus is on the assets such as the bank accounts and retirement accounts. Don’t overlook your marital debt.  But just like the marital assets are split up in a divorce, so is the marital debt.

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Should You Refinance Your Home after the Divorce is Final

Divorce is rarely fair.  One of the most emotional decisions in a pending divorce is the matter of the family home.  When a family home is involved, it can get…well…messy.  There is a likely a refinance of the mortgage and equity that needs to be divided.  It isn’t uncommon for the parties to disagree on how to divide the home.

If you are going to keep the family home and refinance it into your name, often the next question to answer is … Continue reading

Should You Refinance Home Before Divorce?

When a couple decides to throw in the towel and divorce, splitting up the family home can surely complicate matters.  Often, one party will want to refinance the home and remain in it.  Then wonder when to refinance the home – before divorce, or after?

There are a few options of what to do with the family home.  You can sell the home, refinance the home mortgage, or keep the home and mortgage the way it is.

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Dividing Your Home in Divorce: How to Access the Equity

When going through a divorce, dividing your family home is often a big decision.  It is typically stressful and even emotional.  Often, one spouse will want to keep the family home.   If so, then the spouse must be able to buy-out the other spouse’s home equity based on the divorce agreement.

To divide home equity in a divorce, the first step is to obtain an appraisal by a residential real estate appraiser.  Then, you will need to reduce this by … Continue reading

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