How to Restore VA Entitlement for Your Home Loan

VA entitlement is a guarantee to the lender by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  It guarantees to repay your home loan in the event of default.  The entitlement is a specific dollar amount available to veterans and active military members.  It can be found in your Certificate of Eligibility.

As a first time user of the VA benefit, you have full entitlement available.   You can read more about your VA entitlement in this post.  If you have obtained a VA home … Continue reading

How to Get Your Certificate of Eligibility for Your VA Home Loan

To obtain a VA home loan, you must document your eligibility which is detailed in your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  VA home loans are available to active service members, veterans, and in some cases, surviving family members.

VA COE Elizabeth RoseBorrowers must be eligible to use their VA benefits.  The COE spells out the entitlement of the service member … Continue reading

What does Your VA Entitlement Mean?

Buying a home with your VA entitlement is a well-deserved benefit of having served our country.

VA home loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and are a great way for Veterans and active military members to purchase a home.  The VA entitlement is established by the Veterans Administration.  Entitlement is the dollar amount the VA would be willing to guarantee a lender on behalf of a qualified VA-eligible borrower.   This guarantee protects lenders in the event … Continue reading

Veteran Home Loan Top 10 Benefits

Did you know the Veteran home loan is available to Veterans, service members and unmarried surviving spouses?  Yet only 12% of those eligible for a Veteran home loan actually have them.  That means 88% of people who have served our country and are eligible for homeownership benefits, that they earned, are missing out.  Are you missing out?

If you are a United States veteran…thank you for your service, and welcome home!  See if you qualify for your VA homeownership benefit, … Continue reading

Veterans Day Tribute

Veterans Day is a day we celebrate, honor, and pay our respects to those who have served our great country. Today belongs to them.  Men and women who made the decision to be “all in” for every single one of us.

We will likely never be able to comprehend the commitment required of a Veteran.  We sleep soundly in our beds, night after night, because our men and women stand ready, selflessly, to protect our freedom. They are tough and … Continue reading

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