Are You a First Time Home Buyer?

Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming task…especially for the first time.  So many questions to be asked!  Because of this, Elizabeth wants to share some valuable information on the process to help you make sense in the chaos.  To receive this information, subscribe here for free.

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Thinking of buying again?

The economy is picking up, and with that, home values are rising.  Reminds me of the saying, “rising tides raise all ships.”  You may be considering a move up for a growing family, or a downsizing as an empty nester.  Or maybe you just want to spread out a little more with a bigger lot.  Whatever your reasons, it is very important to make sure you are pre-qualified before you set sail for the new home.  A lot has changed in the lending environment, there is a little more work involved…so it is best to be prepared in advance.  Mortgage rates are still incredibly low and we are  making great loans to qualified individuals every day!  Find out if you are qualified today.  You can use our online application or give us a call today!

Find out about Down Payment Assistance

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Now you can do-it-yourself…

Simple refinance and purchase qualifying calculations on your smart phone  with the new Borrow Smart Mobile™ app!   BSA-Phone-TBN

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Create your own Borrow Smart plan from the comfort of your home – see an analysis for debt consolidation utilizing a Texas Cash Out; change in term from 30 to 15, 30 to 20, or even a 15 to a 30. Get scenarios for planning that Move-Up house. Do it all here.

*Directions for Android and iPhone below

Considering a Refinance?

When it comes to refinancing your mortgage, timing is everything!  If you’re thinking about refinancing but not sure if the timing is right for you, I have some insightful information that can help you decide.  To receive this valuable information, click here.

Adding Borrow Smart Mobile to your device:
For Android users:
1. Go to http://www.borrowsmartmobile.com/512
2. Click the ‘Bookmark Icon’ in the top right of your browser
3. Click ‘Add Bookmark’ from the settings options
4. Name the book mark ‘Borrow Smart’ and click OK
5. Go to a free spot on your home screen and long press on the screen until the ‘Add to Home Screen’ shows up
6. Choose ‘Shortcuts’
7. Choose ‘Bookmark’
8. Choose your recently created bookmark ‘Borrow Smart’
For iPhone Users:
1. Go to http://www.borrowsmartmobile.com/512
2. Tap on the + icon on the bottom of the mobile Safari browser
3. Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’ from the options
4. Enter a name for the shortcut and tap on the ‘Add’ button

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