Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Birthday America!  While today marks our Independence Day, it really could be celebrated for a month.  Here’s some interesting facts about our Independence in case you’ve forgotten your history lessons.

In July 1775, after another failed attempt for a peaceful reconciliation with Britain, Congress approved “The Olive Branch Petition”.  The petition pleaded for a full review of the unlawful policies that had been imposed on America.  It was just a year earlier that America had formed a national Congress.  … Continue reading

Celebrating Our Independence on the Fourth of July

Tomorrow we celebrate America’s most patriotic holiday, the Fourth of July, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  How often do we reflect upon the significance of this day?  Do we even remember the why and how?
The idea of independence started with a struggle…

From the early 18th century, the Thirteen colonies began to resent British rule and control.  After petitioning Britain on many occasions and the response being repeated injury, tensions … Continue reading

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