Brexit and Mortgage Rates

Brexit happened and mortgage Bonds, thus mortgage rates, reacted delivering a great opportunity to homeowners and homebuyers. But what the heck is Brexit and what does it have to do with mortgage rates?

What is Brexit?

Brexit is a term coined from the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union – the British Exit. The people voted last night and the expectation was Britain would remain in the EU. Surprise, surprise…instead, the British walked out, withdrew from the union and … Continue reading

Tax Deductible Items for a 2014 Mortgage


Congratulations, you closed on a mortgage in 2014! Now that it is tax time, you may be wondering what is tax deductible.  Here is a general overview of some information that may be helpful to you and your CPA as you prepare your 2014 tax returns:

Points Paid on a Home Purchase in 2014

Item 803 on the HUD-1 – If the adjusted origination charges on line 803 include points paid to your mortgage company in exchange for a lower interest … Continue reading

To Refinance, or Not? That is the Question…

Despite historically low rates, an estimated 60% or more homeowners are still sitting on mortgages with interest rates of greater than 5% and approximately 30% are over 6%, and have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity of a refinance to lower the interest rate and improve their cash flow.
There are plenty of myths out there that say you should only refinance IF x, y, and/or z.  If you can lower your rate by x percent. … Continue reading

5 Tax Deductions for Your Home in 2012

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things in life that were certain…death and taxes.  There are probably a few other things that are certain, and I’m fairly certain most people like to save on their taxes!  If you are a homeowner, you are probably counting on a few 2012 tax breaks! Whether you made a home purchase during 2012, refinanced your home, you may be entitled to some tax deductions.

Here is a general overview of some information that … Continue reading

Knock, Knock…


“Knock, knock”

“Who’s there?”

“Publisher’s Clearing House.”

“Whatdaya want?”

“I have a $20,000 check for you.”

“Go away.”


Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Hard to imagine Publisher’s Clearing House at your door and hard to imagine turning away a big check of free money of any amount.  Yet that is what so many people are doing today.

Most … Continue reading

Are You Paying Too Much?

Many people are wondering if it makes sense to refinance. With mortgage rates at new historic lows, money is super cheap. However there is more to the refinance question and decision than just low mortgage rates.

There is a crazy misconception that your mortgage rate must drop by at least 1% for it to make financial sense. Actually, that depends, and again there are many more factors to consider.

The basic refinance question is simple, but the answers can get … Continue reading

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