Are you looking for a sales and marketing speaker that is…educational, informative, and interesting?


Elizabeth Rose’s passion is to share her strategies, experience, and knowledge to help others create a better life.


Elizabeth Rose works with companies, to help expand their market exposure and client base; with mortgage professionals to increase their knowledge of the financial markets; and with consumers and homeowners to help them better plan and manage their debt and make their way toward financial freedom.


Elizabeth believes the mortgage business is a huge responsibility and it is absolutely vital for mortgage professionals to understand how money works, then be able to articulate it in way that makes sense to others.  She feels it is not enough to report the news, you must understand and be able to explain it to your clients and business partners.


Elizabeth Rose presents on the following topics…business planning, negotiation principals, marketing, social media, financial markets, financial literacy, and technical analysis.


If your organization is interested in booking Elizabeth for your next event, simply complete the form below and someone will contact you!

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