Veterans Day Tribute

Veterans Day is a day we celebrate, honor, and pay our respects to those who have served our great country. Today belongs to them.  Men and women who made the decision to be “all in” for every single one of us.

We will likely never be able to comprehend the commitment required of a Veteran.  We sleep soundly in our beds, night after night, because our men and women stand ready, selflessly, to protect our freedom. They are tough and their hearts are huge.  If you know one, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Several of my family members have served as well as many close friends. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and respect for what they have been willing to sacrifice, and continue to sacrifice.  It causes me to love them that much more.

Too often we take our freedom for granted.  Today, and every day, remember and be thankful.  Show honor and gratitude to  our veterans, because they more than deserve it.  When you encounter one of our military, take a moment to stop and thank them.

Our flag flies with freedom because of these brave men and women.  God bless America, and God bless our Veterans.


Honor Our Military
by Joanna Fuchs

Let’s honor our military,
The men and women who serve,
Whose dedication to our country
Does not falter, halt or swerve.

Let’s respect them for their courage;
They’re ready to do what’s right
To keep America safe,
So we can sleep better at night.

Let’s support and defend our soldiers,
Whose hardships are brutal and cruel,
Whose discipline we can’t imagine,
Who follow each order and rule.

Here’s to those who choose to be warriors
And their helpers good and true;
They’re fighting for American values;
They’re fighting for me and you.

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